Biovest Investment

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Biovest investment can be used to cast precious and nonprecious, high temperature dental alloys and can be used with printed patterns or traditional wax patterns.  25lbs bulk

Mixing & Investing 1. Add 25 ml of water or diluted Universal Expansion Liquid to the mixing vessel first, then add 100 g of Biovest investment. NOTE: Setting expansion and thermal expansion can be enhanced by using Universal Expansion Liquid and more expansion is realized when using a higher concentration. NOTE: A common dilution ratio is 86 ml Universal Expansion Liquid + 14 ml deionized water. 2. Hand spatulate for approximately 10-20 seconds to wet out the powder. Then mix under vacuum for 60 seconds at 250- 350 rpm. 3. Using either a disposable or metal ring, pour the mixed investment into the ring using the normal techniques to avoid trapping air (i.e., vibration, rolling, brushing, etc.). Once the ring is filled, a pressure vessel can be employed for 15 minutes, but may not be necessary. 4. Allow the ring to bench cure for 60 minutes in a vibration free location. 

Burnout 1. After bench cure, place the invested ring into a room temperature oven. NOTE: Having the mold supported above the oven floor is very helpful for clean burnouts. 2. At a rate of < 20°F (< 11°C) per minute, ramp the oven temperature to the required temperature for the alloy being used. NOTE: Running the oven with some vents open is good to help combust all the pattern materials. 3. Allow the oven to hold at the target temperature for at least 1 hour prior to casting. This time should be extended as the oven load is increased. 

Casting 1. Following the alloy manufacturer’s recommendation for metal and mold temperatures, allow the mold to air cool naturally instead of quenching in water. 2. When removing the casting from the mold, remember to use the proper personal protective equipment to avoid inhaling the dust particles. As the conditions or methods of use are beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility and expressly disclaim any liability for any use of this product. Information contained herein is believed to be true and accurate but all statements or suggestions are made without warranty, expressed or implied, regarding accuracy of the information, the hazards connected with the use of the material or the results to be obtained from the use thereof. Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations remains the responsibility of the user. All potential liability related to the sale and use of this product is limited to the cost of the particular goods sold in their respective transactions.

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