Waxes and Patterns

  • Adhesive Coated Adhesive Coated
    Our adhesive coated wax sheets come in multiple gauges. Chances are we have the one you need!
  • Base Plate Wax Base Plate Wax
    This base plate wax comes in pink and red and has multiple uses around the lab.
  • Bite Blocks Bite Blocks
    These Bite Blocks are pink recessed, medium soft with 3/8” wax for occlusal rims. U-shaped and pliable for custom reshaping at room temperatures to fit the individual arch. Available in 100/Box.
  • Inlay Wax Inlay Wax
    Our inlay wax will not become sticky or flaky or gum up instruments and will burn-out cleanly with no residue.
  • Plastic Patterns Plastic Patterns
    Plastic preformed patterns for partial dentures
  • Wire Wax Wire Wax
    Our Kewax is the best wire wax money can buy! This wax comes in a variety of gauges.