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  • Vitex 3D Vest Vitex 3D Vest
    Vitex 3D Vest is a phoshate bonded, graphite free and very fine grain precision investment specially for partial denture frameworks made with “Rapid-Prototyping” technologies. 3D Vest is specially developed to burn out plastic frames made with Rapid-Prototyping resins. 3D Vest is usable for both the conventional and speed casting techniques and is suitable for casting all types of dental alloys (except Titanium).
  • Vacalon Z4 Investment Vacalon Z4 Investment
    N&V Z4 Universal Investment is a fine grained, phosphate bonded dental investment for use with all dental alloys and pressable ceramic systems, and both the high speed or overnight technique. N&V is a precision investment, engineered to deliver unequaled results, with the accuracy and consistency demanded by today’s modern dental laboratories.
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