• Mounted Stones Mounted Stones
    We have a full selection of mounted stones and a variety of shapes and sizes for all of your needs.
  • Points Points
    Our rubber points are what you need for small spaces and fine scratches.
  • Pumice Pumice
    For fine polishing our pumice is hard to beat!
  • Resilience Resilience
    A modified pumice product, Resilience will not "disappear" like other pumice does.
  • Wheels Wheels
    For finishing, our wheels will put you on a roll!
  • Polishing Compound Polishing Compound
    Help your products outshine the others!
  • Vacalon Arctic Grinders Vacalon Arctic Grinders
    With a wide selection of shapes, technicians can choose the tool that perfectly fits the task at hand. Whether it is bulk reduction of material, refining contact points or thinning margins - there is an Arctic Grinder shape to get the job done. If an aggressive option is needed, we offer two coarse shapes to choose from.
  • Buffs Buffs
    Abrasive infused pad for all types of acrylic, metal and other materials.