Lab Stones

  • Fastone Fastone
    This is an all-purpose model stone ensuring smooth, strong casts with low expansion (0.12%) for accuracy.
  • Flask-It Flask-It
    Flask-It is used for flashing procedures and does not require vibration. This is a must-try for all denture labs.
  • Labstone Labstone
    This creamy mix all-purpose model stone makes smooth, strong casts with low expansion (0.12%) for accuracy
  • Mounting Stone Mounting Stone
    Our Mounting Stone is a rapid setting low expansion stone perfect for both denture and crown and bridge bases.
  • OrthoStone OrthoStone
    This Orthostone is super white and provides ideal hardness. A proven industry leader!
  • Tecstone Tecstone
    Widely recognized as one of the best stones on the market and designed for ultimate versatility.
  • Tecstone FL Tecstone FL
    TEcstone FL was specially designed for basing crown and bridge models. A perfect flowable stone for bubble free, smooth models.