Vacalon N&V Expansion Liquid

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N&V Expansion Liquid is used with Z4 Universal Rapid Cast Investment and MG-Vest Partial Denture Investment to achieve the desired amount of chemical expansion. Chemical expansion can be changed by diluting the expansion liquid with distilled water, without changing the overall liquid to powder ratio. As a general rule the higher the concentration of expansion liquid, the greater the expansion of the investment material. Be sure to refer to the investment's instructions for specifications on proper liquid to powder ratios and concentration recommendations.

How much liquid is required for each box of investment? Here are our recommendations:

Z4 Universal Rapid Cast Investment
100 env X 100 gr - 2 bottles per box
150 env X 60 gr - 2 bottles per box
30 X 500 gr - 3 bottles per box

MG-Vest Partial Denture Investment
45 env X 400 gr - 1 bottle per box

N&V Expansion Liquid is not freeze-stable and should not be subjected to temperatures below 32°F.

Due to the perishable nature of N&V Expansion Liquid it is non-returnable, unless damaged or covered under warranty.

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