Our Newest Product Offerings!

Posted by Bethany Cowan on 12/10/2019 to News
Our Newest Product Offerings!

Atlantic Dental Supply is excited to be expanding its hobby offerings.  In addition to Merlin's Magic Plaster, EasyFlo resin, Platsil mold making products, and 3D printer filament we now offer Plaid's FolkArt paints, paint brushes, crafting knives and replacement blades, Surebonder hot glue guns and hot glue sticks. 

The decision to expand our crafting products had been bounced around for a bit, but once we attended MACE last month and received such a warm welcome in the gaming community the decision was made to expand our lineup.  Then came the issue of what products would appeal to our existing customers and bring in new ones.  We did an enormous amount of research and asked those in the gaming industry their thoughts and opinions on products.  What we decided is to initially offer products that were complimentary to the items we currently carry.  Since we have casting products such as Merlins Magic and EasyFlo resin it was determined paint would be a good companion and what good is paint without brushes, right?  Our current FolkArt paint offerings are geared toward colors most used in terrain building (grey, black, white, brown, green, yellow) with a couple other brighter colors thrown in for painting miniatures and such.  FolkArt paints are a great quality paint at a good price point and we felt they would fit perfectly.  We did have a request for the larger size of the FolkArt black matte paint which is a special order product, it has been ordered and we are hoping it comes in soon.  It is currently listed on our web store at https://www.atlanticdentalsupply.com/Folk-Art-Black-Acrylic-Paint-8oz_p_510.html and will fulfill pre-orders as soon as we receive it.

In an effort to appeal to a larger crafting audience, we thought adding the Surebonder products along with the Xacto and Olfa knives would appeal to those crafters who use other mediums for their builds.  While our Tech-Bond SI Blue adhesive works great with most mediums, we understand that sometimes hot glue guns are just a better option.  Surebonder products are the favorite of many crafters and this played heavily in our decision to offer them to you.

While most of our crafting products are drop shipped from their manufacturers in an effort to keep our overhead as low as possible, these new items will be stored in our office in Durham, North Carolina.  These new products are small enough that we will not need to acquire additional space to warehouse them until they are sent out.

Do you have a favorite crafting product you think we should carry?  If so, please let us know we are always looking for new options to offer our customers and would love your suggestions.  Soon we will have Sculpey clay products ready to sell, but it will probably be after the beginning of the year.

As we wind down 2019, we would like to take a moment to thank all of our friends and customers in the crafting/gaming industry.  Everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and helpful, these are qualities you don’t find just anywhere.  We really do appreciate each and every one of you!  We wish you all the best for 2020 and look forward to continuing and growing our relationships in the coming year!

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