Our New Facebook Page

Posted by Bethany Cowan on 7/18/2019 to News
Our New Facebook Page
For those who have not found us yet on Facebook and for those of you who did, we now have a new business page which was created about a month ago.  Our prior Facebook page was not a business page so we were not able to track our posts to see which ones our customers and followers enjoyed the most.  That is great information to have as it will guide us to produce posts and videos that followers enjoy.  Creating this new page has certainly been an enlightening journey for me as I am not savvy with social media.  Over the last 6 weeks or so I've watched lots of videos and searched lots of pages to find answers and while I still don't know a lot, I have learned quite a bit.  

Atlantic Dental has set what I think are realistic goals for the number followers by the end of the year and we are currently not far from meeting that goal.  I ask that if you haven't already, take the time to follow us and encourage your friends to do the same!  Facebook will be the place to find out about new products, see photos/videos of our products in use, and of course to hear about sales!  

We have Twitter and Instagram pages as well but as of now, our primary social media outlet is Facebook.  Would you like your work displayed on our social media pages?  If so, just send us over photos of your creations.  The only stipulation is that the work shown must be made with a product we sell.  You can email or message your photos to us and we will share them with our followers, but don't worry if you are shy we do not name the artist!  So be sure to like and follow us on our new Facebook page, otherwise you might be missing out!!

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