Excalibur 47.5lbs Blue

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Developed for use in today's advanced die stone market.  With its smooth mixing characteristics and ample setting time, Excalibur produces a testbook model every time.  Die trimming becomes a worry free procedure, because Excalibur is manufactured from an ultra-fine gypsum base which prevents nicks and abrasions caused by brittleness.  Excalibur also contains indicator pigments which let you know exactly when the product is completely mixed.  Recommended for use as crown and bridge and partial denture models, and suitable for use with all impression materials. 18,000psi., 125 MPA, 12-15 min. Set Time, 0.09% Expansion.   (Actual weight of product is 47.5lbs to keep shipping weight below 50lbs.  This has been done by the manufacturer to avoid extra fees imposed by FedEx for delivery of packages of 50lbs. and over)

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