Atlantic Dental Supply Offering What Others Don't!

Posted by Bethany on 8/17/2022
Atlantic Dental Supply Offering What Others Don't!

As dental suppliers continue to whittle down their inventory, it’s increasingly difficult to find the products your lab needs.  Atlantic Dental Supply offers products that other companies don’t and allows you to focus on your work, not supplies!  We are excited to offer many new products to our customers and I will highlight a few in this blog.

We are sure by now you have heard that Nobillum has closed, and with that a number of items have been removed from the market.  We have worked diligently to find the manufacturers of those products or items we feel closely compare to the Nobillium products.  In saying that, we have been able to become a distributor for the foil lined cardboard investing rings.  These are the same rings, 3.5in diameter by 3in tall, and work well for quick clean up.  They are packaged just as Nobillium did, 200 per box.  You can order online Foil Lined Cardboard Investing Rings

We have been fortunate in finding wax/plastic patterns for partial denture fabrication.  This was no easy feat and in fact we are the only company in the United States selling these particular patterns which we have sourced from Europe.  We try hard to keep these in stock, but they fly out the door quickly as word of mouth advertising is spreading the news.  Check out our website, Plastic Patterns, for pictures of some of the patterns we carry, this is only a sampling and not the entire line.  If there is a pattern you need which we do not have in stock, we can order it for you and it only takes a couple weeks as a rule to get it in.  We do ask that you call or email before purchasing online as our web store sometimes can't keep up with our inventory fluctuations. 

If investment is what you are missing, we have you covered with that as well!  We are now a distributor for Ransom & Randolph and carry their full line of products including their newest investment, BioVest.  This investment has been formulated for both analog and digital applications and is a high heat investment.  We are proud to say our family laboratory helped with the development of this product and believe it is a winner!

We have also partnered with the company that used to make the casting machines for Nobillium, so we now offer casting machines and crucibles for the Mod 3,4,6,10, ECM and Starcaster Williams machines.  These come in a 6 pack and can be seen here Crucibles.  This same manufacturer is offering laser welding wire for your chrome cobalt welding needs.  You can see the sizes we offer on our website  Laser Wire .355mm.  If you miss the Nobillium Crucible-Coat product, we found that manufacturer too!  We named our product Crucible SHIELD and it does exactly as the name implies, it protects your crucibles.  You paint this product in your new or freshly cleaned crucible to extend crucible life.  

We of course still offer the entire line of Garreco products, along with American Dental, Keystone and many others.  Our website is not inclusive of all the products we carry so if you need a product and you don't see it on our site, just call or email and we will be happy to get it out the door to you!  We strive to help our customers find the supplies they need as we understand that the market is changing daily and if there is something you need most likely other labs need it too!

As always, we want to thank you for your business and appreciate your referrals.  We know that a referral is the best compliment a business can receive!

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