3D Filament Adhesive SI Blue Economy Kit

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Every adhesive company will make the claim that one or more of their adhesives work the best on 3D printed parts. When gluing 3D filaments together almost any adhesive will work. That’s not the adhesive challenge for the 3D printing industry.

The challenge is to bond 3D printed parts together. Despite their effectiveness when you use them to print the part, there isn’t any adhesive that, by itself, will do a professional job on 3D printed parts. We’ll give you one reason why. Heat. The 3D printing universe does understand the importance of heat when working with plastics.

Which means there is an understanding of what lack of heat means when you try to bond printed parts. Make sense. Yes it does. Without heat, there wouldn’t be 3D printing, at lease for plastics. But heat is only one part of the solution. There is at least one other critical part. All the parts come together with the Bonding Poly Process (Process).

Economy Basic Poly Kit 

  • One 6-gram Bottle of SI Blue, our standard Surface Insensitive (SI) Structural Cyanoacrylate (SCA).
  • One .5 ounce bottle of our standard Activator/Accelerator (AA).
  • A .5 ounce bottle of Poly Prep.
  • Spare cap and nozzle
  • General Instructions

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