• Debubblizer Debubblizer
    This debubblizer is the perfect product for reducing surface tension on wax patterns and models.
  • Excalibur Excalibur
    Exceptionally dense for maximum strength, high surface abrasion resistance and low expansion (0.09%) means greater accuracy. It works well with all impression material capturing every detail.
  • Merlin's Magic Merlin's Magic
    Merlin’s Magic Plaster was designed with the hobbyist in mind and can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • Adhesives Adhesives
    Tech-Bond structural adhesives are stronger and more durable than the average over-the-counter glues. Our adhesives bond wood, metal, ceramics, leather, vinyl, plastics, rubber, carbon fiber, resins, pot metal, caste, and many more.
  • Release Agent Release Agent
    Pol-Ease® 2500 is an aerosol spray release agent that can be washed off of models and castings. It is the preferred choice when castings need to be painted.
  • Putty Putty
    Silaform Silicone Putty is a one to one mix material, excellent for a variety of uses.
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